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Name:Ms. Eva Novianti [Marketing]
Mobile Number:Mobile number of Ms. Eva Novianti at Tangerang
Phone Number:Phone number of Ms. Eva Novianti at Tangerang
Fax Number:Fax number of Ms. Eva Novianti at Tangerang
Address:Jln.Raya Serpong, Sutra Niaga III/1, Serpong
Tangerang 15310, Banten
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Registration Date:Sep. 16, 2009
Last Updated:May. 05, 2010
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Automobile category

Company Brief

Torindo Motor established in 2004, motorcycle assembler. Having private distribution in 7 provinces such as Banten, Lampung, Jambi, Padang, Pekan Baru, South Sumatera, Nusa Tenggara Barat and main dealers in East Java, Central Java, West Java and North Sumatera. Production capacity per-day 100 units

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